Disability Insurance

As an officer or an employee who doesn’t benefit from a group plan, Disability Insurance (Income) is essential for your financial security, as well as that of your family.

Protecting your income in the event of disability

Statistically, during your working life, you are more likely to become disabled than to die prematurely. In the event of disability, would you be able to meet your financial commitments and pay your daily expenses out of your pocket?

Disability Insurance isn’t there to cover missed working days caused by small accidents or everyday sickness. Its purpose is to help compensate a prolonged or permanent loss of revenue following an accident or a critical illness.

To choose your disability insurance, you should take into account several important factors, including the insurance amount, the number of years during which the benefit would be paid and the waiting period.

We don’t think twice about insuring our house, our car and our cottage. It is not uncommon to hold a Life Insurance to protect our loved ones in the event of death. But what have you planned should you take a leave of absence for illness or accident ? With Disability Insurance, you would receive a monthly disability benefit to meet your financial obligations.

Because each situation is unique, Soummam Prevévoyance’s financial advisors are here to guide you towards the Disability Insurance coverage that will meet your needs and ensure your peace of mind and that of your family.