Travel Insurance

Going to New York for a long weekend? Planning a month-long trip to Europe? Dreaming of an African safari? Travel the world in peace with Soummam Prevévoyance’s Travel Insurance!

Avoid the hassle … and a financial nightmare!

The RAMQ will cover medical expenses incurred outside the province in case of emergency injury or illness while travelling. However, the RAMQ will only reimburse these expenses up to the Quebec rate. But medical expenses are often much higher – especially in the US – and your trip could quickly turn into a financial nightmare!

Soummam Prevévoyance’s Travel Insurance includes a full range of coverage:

  • Emergency Medical Care
  • Accidents
  • Repatriation
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Luggage
  • Trip Cancellation and Interruption
  • Travel Assistance

If you travel often, you may want to purchase an annual travel insurance to cover all trips out of the country within a calendar year.

Because each situation is unique, Soummam Prevévoyance’s financial advisors are here to guide you towards the insurance coverage that will meet your needs.